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Patent drafting and filing-

The patent draft is a crucial document for all including Patent Examinesr and Competitors hence getting it done right is very important.

Leave it to us; Brainiac IP Solutions is here for all your needs regarding Patent Filing and Prosecution services in India as well as in Abroad.

We at Brainiac IP Solution are well aware of Indian as well as Global Patent Laws and therefore we are here to serve our best in this process.

These are the sections we cover in Patent Filing and Prosecution Services:

  • 1. Patent Drafting
  • 2. Patent Filing
  • 3. PCT Application Filing
  • 4. Responding to Office Action

1. Patent Drafting

Patent drafting, besides being the foremost necessary document within the entire patent registration process, is additionally thought-about to be one of the entire foremost complicated techno-legal documents. The patent draft contains the basic aspects of the invention like the field of invention, background, summary, elaborate description, patent drawings, abstract and patent claims which will collectively help in defining the scope of the invention

Two types of the patent specifications are drafted based on the stage of the invention and also as per the requirement of clients. The provisional patent specification is principally written to explain the invention for the initial stage of the invention, and conjointly to secure the priority date of invention. No patent is granted supported the provisional patent specification. The complete specification has got to be written within twelve months from the date of provisional patent filing.

We, at Brainiac IP Solutions, check that the drafting of the provisional specification is given same importance as that of complete patent specification. We offer all confirmatory elaborate description to hide the mandatory claims at a later stage. Similarly, drafting of the complete specification is taken utmost care to incorporate all the embodiments of the invention and to incorporate the broadest scope of patent claims.

At Brainiac, to draft patent specification to the letter, we have a robust patent team comprising of patent analysts and patent attorneys. Our drafting team is skilled in both legal philosophy and technology. Our patent associates at Brainiac will simply perceive the importance of patent specification to satisfy the formalities of the patent office, so take most of the care whereas reviewing and, proofreading the patent specification. We have the expertise of drafting varied patents for India and abroad.

2. Patent Filing

Filing of a patent needs expertise, if someone needs to apply for the patent grant at the branches of Patent Office of India, we at Brainiac IP Solutions have a perfect service for them.

Our specialized team consisting of patent associates and patent attorneys an expertise in handling patents applications in India and other countries. Our patent groups handle the patent filing procedure with totally conversant in the legalities of patent filing procedures in India. We have already guided several Indian as well as foreign clients regarding the patent filing procedure in India.

3.PCT Application Filing

PCT Application is an International application filed at WIPO or receiving authority. India is a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty that entails Indian to file patent applications within the member countries of the PCT likewise as entails foreign and Indian applicants to urge patent protection in India by stepping into the national section PCT application India when filing their PCT Application at WIPO.

After writing a patent application, the convention application has to be filed within the members’ countries of Paris convention within one year from priority application. The advantage of filing a percent application is that the filing in percent member’s countries will be extended to around thirty months or thirty-one month’s reckoning on country-specific patent laws. In India, the timeline is thirty-one months. Further, on the idea of the international search report from the International Search Authority [ISA] or the written opinion, the applier will value with the affordable patentability of the invention within the regions or countries wherever the patent is wanted.

At Brainiac IP Solutions, our well-experienced team handles the PCT Applications with ease. We have the expertise of filing PCT application in India and there are several instances whereby we tend to be with success handled national section PCT applications in India as well as abroad.

4.Responding to Office Actions

When a patent is forwarded for examination of its validity, the Examiner at the patent office checks for its eligibility and formal appearance as per law of every jurisdiction. When that a preliminary judgment is passed that is termed as First Examination Report which can be seeking for any reasonably rectification or change, or directly giving out rejections.

Finally, when office actions and replies are done, the examiner returns to a judgment over the application. Brainiac associates handle office actions with utmost sincerity as it is the most vital stage of the patent application

Patent Portfolio Research

Patentability search and analysis

Competitor’s activity

Patent Search Services

    A well-managed patent portfolio is a very powerful industrial tool which could be accustomed increase the worth of your business and secure industrial monopolies over your inventions. Protecting your inventions with well drafted patent applications is the initiative in building a valuable patent portfolio

    In patent matters it’s necessary to consult with a patent professional who understands each of your technology and your business objectives. Our patent attorneys and practitioners have a wide drift of technical expertise and can take the time to know what you wish to attain and guide you through the method of getting substantive patent protection.

    Patentability/Prior Art Search

    The primary criteria of the patentability is whether or not the invention exhibits patentable subject material, or is patent eligible.

    Being one of the best Prior Art Search Services in India, We at Brainiac IP Solutions promise to resolve this issue for you by thorough research we make it easier for you to judge patentability of the new invention.

    Patent Technology Landscape

    A Patent Technology Landscape analysis in India by Brainiac IP Solutions facilitates our consumer to know the market involving a selected technology, the newest development involving such technology and therefore the strengths of its competitors. The study helps a consumer to require vital choices and techniques involving the R&D of a product, investment into bound areas of technology, distinctive patent trends, understanding the competitors’ strategy amongst others.

    Not solely will the patent landscape analysis offers one an image of its competitors, it conjointly determines the informatics portfolios of the businesses concerned and wherever a product, if launched, can fill in the market.

    Many research-oriented corporations cross-check the patent technology landscape before venturing for R&D in a very specific technological field. It eases exploitation breakthroughs by creating it easier to spot the realm that has major competition (and hence, a lot of patent problems) and during which space remains comparatively free from abundant competition (and hence, easier patenting and market domination).

    Patent landscape study not solely helps to know the market and develop a patent strategy, it conjointly helps one to know the trends within the market, determine its competitors and therefore the activities undertaken by its competitors trends poignant specific technological subspecialties and during which region is that the analysis activity happening.

    At Brainiac IP Solutions, understanding the technology domain of our client’s interest, Associate in Nursing complete search and elaborate analysis of the documents (patent and non-patent literature) is ready. To derive most worth from the obtainable resources, we tend to represent the info diagrammatically and a close taxonomy of the technology is provided. The report concentrates on the elaborate analysis of specific technologies and may be custom-built as per client’s demand.

Risk analysiss


    Infringement Analysis

    The Patent Rights in India provide a specific exemption against patent infringement for experimental activities. This exemption allows researchers and follow-on innovators to carry out tests, trials, and procedures for activities such as:

    • Determining the properties of the invention infringes
    • Determining the scope of a patent claim relating to the invention
    • Improving or modifying the invention
    • Determining the validity of the patent or of a patent claim relating to the invention
    • Determining whether the patent for the invention would be, or has been, infringed by the doing of an act.
    • We at Brainiac IP Solutions drive an exceptional analysis of infringement analysis to recover you from potential threats.

      Freedom to Operate

      Whenever any organization is reaching to develop and launch a brand new product, a serious risk, significantly in technology sectors wherever there is in-depth patenting, is that commercialization could also be blocked by a competition who holds a patent for a technology incorporated inside that product. This is why several corporations, at initial stage, get to secure their ‘freedom to operate’ i.e.to make sure that the business production, selling and use of their new product, method or service doesn’t infringe the IP rights of other.

      Our tasks and strategies like Searching Patent Documents, Clearing the Documents, Protecting Technology and Choosing the Right Path for you make this whole process like a drop in the ocean for you.


      A patent validity/patent illogicality search is conducted when grant/issuance of the patent is done. Though the search methodology of each is same, however, the target differs. The patent validity search is to validate the social control of proprietary claims and conjointly create the valuation of the patent. On the alternative hand, the patent illogicality search is conducted to invalidate one or a lot of claims of patents and should use the dissolution report within the patent legal proceeding proceedings or to file a post-grant opposition in India.

      Patentearch is performed to spot documents or previous use that will scale back the claims of a granted patent, so unsupportive it. The aim of the search is to uncover previous art or previous use that limits the scope of the granted patent. The search may be a comprehensive search disbursed by our knowledgeable professionals to with success invalidate patents. The elaborated analysis is conducted to work out whether or not the claims of a selected patent are valid or invalid once analyzed and compared to the previous art accessible before the date of filing.

      At Brainiac IP Solutions, we tend to perceive your patents from an ad viewpoint and have experience in conducting a variety of Patent Validity Search Searches. We tend to conduct prior-art searches from patents, revealed patent applications, and non-patent literature, like books, journals, relevant literature, and web publications, except for gathering data from prosecution history We tend to transcend easy claim comparison and perceive the complete specification because it relates to the claims in question. In addition, physical embodiments of the merchandise and proof of sale and public use could also be provided where recoverable. Besides conducting a comprehensive validity/invalidity search, we tend to conjointly advise purchasers on the correct information science strategy to be undertaken supported these search results.



Patent Support Outsourcing

    Brainiac IP Solutions specializes in Patent Support Outsourcing Service, opposition and appeal, for Indian as well as abroad corporate clients, whilst providing advice in all sectors of Intellectual Property Law. We offer specialised expertise across all industry sectors and areas of technology as needed; and our focus on fitting systems and procedures to corporate needs enables us to deliver a reliable and streamlined outsourced service to support attorney added value.

    Outsourcing patent prosecution provides advantages for several businesses. They recognize the method is much from easy, needs specialist experience, and carries the potential for vital monetary risk.

    That's why enterprises starting from SMEs to international multinationals trust Brainiac IP Solutions to seem when their holding wants. Because the science landscape changes year when year, we have a tendency to adapt and evolve to produce our shoppers with future-proof solutions. We provide tailored services that square measure extremely innovative, making certain your inventions, brands and technologies square measure like an expert protected.

    Patent Search Outsourcing

    We provide comprehensive patent search outsourcing service support by using human support as well as various machine tools.

    A patentability search permits to see the patentability of associate degree invention before applying for patent protection. Our report could be a comprehensive search report that cites similar patents associate degreed relevant literature to assist ascertains the likelihood of a patent grant to an invention.

    A patentability search permits to see the patentability of associate degree invention before applying for patent protection. Our report could be a comprehensive search report that cites similar patents associate degreed relevant literature to assist ascertains the likelihood of a patent grant to an invention.

    Infringement searches square measure performed to grasp concerning any merchandise or patents square measure infringing together with your non-terminated proprietary invention. We, at Brainiac IP Solutions, perform associate degree intensive study with a claim chart of a patent and establish the weather of the claims mistreatment our established methodology to spot the infringement of a tool or method in relevancy the patent claim.

    Freedom to control (FTO) search is conducted to mitigate the risks of infringement of patents in a very specific region in order that one will take a selected action, like launching, developing or manufacturing a product, while not infringing the IP rights of others. We, at Brainiac IP Solutions, have delivered various political movement search analysis report bearing on varied domain and region. We have a tendency to conduct region country-specific comprehensive searches by our patent analysts having intensive patent search expertise and deep understanding of technology at the side of varied patent search methods.

    Patent breakup searches conducted to assess if a patent may be nullified by patent, merchandise and alternative analysis articles, wherever such documents were not found within the previous art search performed at the bureau.

    Patent Drafting Outsourcing

    Brainiac IP Solutions offers prime quality, customized and cost effective comprehensive patent drafting outsourcing service support for all law firms/entities. We, at Brainiac IP Solutions, make certain that the drafting of the tentative specification is given same vital as that of non-provisional patent specification/complete patent specification. We offer all sustentative elaborated description to hide the mandatory claims at a later stage. Similarly, drafting of the non-provisional specification is taken the foremost care to include all the embodiments of Associate in nursing invention and to include the broadest scope of patent claims.

    The response preparation throughout the prosecution method needs an in-depth analysis of the invention besides the previous being taken into thought of the patentability criterions. Our response system is well crafted supported the official action, which we have a tendency to deeply review the rejection of official action, and reference cited by examiner. We have a tendency to tend to form bound that that to bring the define of the amendment of claims to beat the objection, a announcement of distinction between gift invention and cited references, a discussion of freelance claims and dependent claims, and arguments on the cited reference. Our response would commonly embrace letter of invite for reconsideration of examiner’s objections, may also letter of invite the examiner to write the proposal claims, and conclusion.