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    The creator of a brand new and original style is given legal protection of his work. This is often the inducement given for the creator’s labor- the aim is to envision that the creator’s arduous work isn't pronto imitated by others. Registration confers upon the registered man of affairs the right to use a style to the article within the category during which the look is registered. The essential demand for registering style is that the look ought to be new or original, not antecedently revealed or employed in any region before the date of application for registration. The look could relate to options of form, configuration, pattern or ornamentation applied or applicable to a piece.

    Registering the look assigns the creator with rights that is accessible for a term of ten years, and might be any extended to a different five years.

    An application for registration of styles is applied mistreatment applicable kind and paying the prescribed fee in conjunction with four set of illustration of the look. An internet filing of style application may also be created mistreatment the E-filing portal of CGPDTM. Once the applying for registration of a style is so as, it's accepted and registered so a certificate of registration is issued to the individual or a firm.

    Brainiac IP Solutions has a dedicated team to deliver this function to our supreme design clients, once you finish with your artwork, just come to us, our team will assist you with the whole process of Design Patent in India as well as abroad. The process will be thorough from Design Registration until it becomes one of a kind, which of owner is only you.

    If you are a corporate client, Brainiac team will guide you in Industrial design protection in India.

    Industrial Design Filing

    Industrial Design Filing process is as same as any other patent filing process, we just need certain extra skills to file an Industrial Design.

    Industrial Design Protection process starts with the process of Industrial Design Patent filing. This process is handled by our experienced and technically expert associates. This team will provide you the best Invention Filing at affordable cost. Years of experience has brought excellence in this process at Brainiac, this will bring your invention filing in a secure way as well.